When customers are looking for something, they Google! It’s how you found us right? 

Which is why it is so important for your brand to be there when they do…

Increase traffic to your website with Google Ads.

What are Google Ads?

How Google Ads can help you?

  • Appear on the front page of Google, when someone searches for a product or service like yours.
  • Get your business in front of potential customers on thousands of websites online.
  • Re-market your product to customers who have already visited your website – increasing the likelihood of converting a potential customers, into a paying one.

Type of Google Ad Campaigns we offer:

Search campaigns

Text ads on the front page of Google


Display campaigns

Image ads that display on thousands of websites online

Remarketing campaigns

Search and display campaigns re-marketed to those who have already visited your website.

See some of our work here

What are the costs?

  • A once off fee for set up
  • A monthly management fee for optimisation and reporting
  • The media fee which gets paid directly to Google

You can expect to spend anything from R1500 per month, depending on your budget! Google Ads is one of the best traffic generating channels, especially for small business owners.


What you can expect with our Google Ads packages?

  • Keyword and industry related research
  • Ad copy writing and design
  • Account build out on Google Ads
  • Monthly optimisations based on performance
  • Monthly report (see an example of our report below)

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